GGCR’sGreen campaign” and school fundraiser is ideal for students to participate in because it impacts them in many different ways.

  • Students raise money for their school, university or learning institution through clothing drives and shoe drives.
  • They learn how they can individually impact their schools and the environment through their actions.
  • They learn the values of compassion and generosity as they understand that through a clothing drive and/or shoe drive they make a difference in the lives of impoverished children around the world.
  • Children begin to see used clothing and shoes as valuable assets that can impact some of our world’s most critical problems; and are encouraged to become responsible and empowered individuals who take pride in their accomplishments!

Click here for more information about GGCR’s “Green campaign”.

  • If you are interested in organizing a “Green campaign” and school fundraiser please contact us toll free at 866-921-5465 ext 224.

GGCR’s Green Ambassador program offers a unique program for High School students that teaches them leadership skills and helps to prepare them for college.  Click here to find out more about our Green Ambassador Program.