At children are important to us! We believe that the values

    we instill in our children today will dictate our world tomorrow;

    and that if we wish to make a sustainable difference in our planet,

    we must be equally committed to educating our future leaders


’s “Green Campaign” was designed to educate students

  about the value of recycling by engaging them in a used clothing

drive that raises funds for their school and  at the same time

 helps vulnerable people around the world.





   Students learn that waste can be turned into a valuable asset!

   Rather than selling something people often do not need or want,

a “Green Campaign” provides an environmentally and socially

conscious community service, and promotes the educational

objectives we desire for our children!






A Account Representative works hand-in-hand

with each school to provide support and ensure the

program is a success!  Please contact us for more information

about how you can start “Green Campaign” at your school

and start recycling clothes and shoes now!