Businesses & Retailers

In today’s ecologically and socially conscious environment, people are seeking more ways they can contribute to recycling efforts that help to preserve our environment. Businesses are equally concerned about contributing to the global sustainability of the environment and championing socially responsible causes. has an established textiles recycling program that enables businesses and retailers to further their “green” initiatives and community outreach efforts at the same time.  Our recycling programs are designed to accommodate businesses and retail partners of all configurations and sizes.  We can even customize the program to support the charity or cause that your business is committed to. will make it easy for staff and customers to dispose of their used clothing and shoes. Our programs assist retail partners in drawing the increasingly environmentally conscious clientele to their retail locations!  We team up with each organization to ensure the program is a success; enabling businesses of all sizes to “go green” and participate in global sustainability efforts for generations to come!  Please contact us for more information about how you can implement a textile recycling program at your business.