What We Do

What Go Green Charity Recycling does is actually very simple; we promote resource conservation by diverting and recycling clothes and shoes before they enter our landfills and turning them into a valuable asset that is used in many different ways. Through key partnerships with other nonprofits we are able to recycle clothing and shoe donations to help the most vulnerable people in our communities and across the globe, while at the same time helping to protect and preserve the environment.

Over 26 billion pounds of clothing, shoes and other textile waste is discarded into US landfills every year, where it sits,

taking up valuable land space

littering, polluting and emitting dangerous gases

hurting the environment

contributing to the ongoing deterioration of our planet

Yet over 95% of clothing and shoes thrown away can be recycled or reused!! Go Green Charity Recyclers is dedicated to diverting this waste, and subsequently recycling clothing and recycling shoes so that they can be used to support causes that are important to the well-being of our society.

At GGCR we:

Advance education about why it is critical to recycle clothing and shoes, so that they can be reused, helping to preserve the environment.

Participate in educational assemblies and events at schools and other learning institutions, encouraging people to recycle!

Support Sustainable, clean water systems in Haiti and other underdeveloped countries.

Organize clothing drives and fundraisers. Donate funds to schools, charitable organizations, youth organizations, religious institutions and more.

Donate clothing and shoes to local children’s homes and organize events that engage the youth and foster self worth.

Encourage clothing recycling and facilitate the free and fair trade of recyclables in a competitive and sustainable world economy

Provide quality affordable clothing and shoes to the underprivileged through our extensive distribution network across the globe.

Support microenterprises and jobs in local and developing economies, spurred by the demand for quality re-usable clothing.

Promote new recycled materials such as wiping cloths, carpet padding, insulation materials, textile fibers, furniture stuffing etc.

Go Green Charity Recyclers is guided by the premise that the efforts of many lead to exponential growth. We strive to educate and change behaviors surrounding clothing recycling and conservation; and we seek collaborative recycling partnerships with organizations that hold similar values, and that make a positive imprint in our world. Engaging learning institutions, the public-private sector, other non-profits, civic organizations and religious institutions in programs that encourage people to donate clothes and donate shoes; GGCR can affect positive change in areas we never could alone.

Following are just some of the specialized clothing recycling and shoe recycling programs that we have implemented. Here at GGCR we are always seeking innovative ways that we can make a difference. If your group, business or idea does not fit in any of these categories and you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us!


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