Non Profits

Non Profits, Religious Institutions,  Civic Organizations, Community Events

A GGCRGreen Campaign” is ideal for any group seeking to raise money without having

to buy or sell anything. Simply by cleaning out closets, organizing clothing drives and

collecting used clothing and shoes, your organization can raise funds for its programs.

Your donations will also help protect the environment and at-risk children in our

community through GGCR programs.  It is a win-win!!

Please contact us to find out how we can collaborate!





Participate in’s “Green Campaign”
and help advance critical social causes!

  • The preservation of our environment through the benefits of recycling.
  • Saving lives through the implementation of sustainable, clean water systems in Haiti and other underdeveloped countries.
  • Youth education that supports environmentally friendly practices and empowers students to contribute to socially conscious programs.
  • The provision of healthy food to children living below the poverty line in our communities.
  • Microenterprises and jobs in developing economies, helping families break the cycle of poverty.

“Mobile Donation Center benefitting “Mujer”, a non-profit that assists victims of domestic violence.”