Home Donation Pick Ups


Time to clean out your closets!

We are pleased to announce our new Donation Home Pickup Service!

We take your Unwanted, New or Used Clothing and Shoes.

Call 866-921-5465 to schedule your pickup



The clothing can be in any condition, damaged clothing is processed into new products such as fibers for new clothing, insulation, carpet, wiping cloths and more.


We also will take household items (furniture, toys, bric brac, etc). We ask that the items be in usable condition and not broken.


Your donation supports our efforts to help your local schools, other local nonprofits such as the Joshua’s Heart Foundation, installation of water purification systems for underprivileged in Haiti

and around the world, and creation of microenterprises in third world countries.


Our latest mission to Haiti was this past July 2012. GGCR.net along with Edge Outreach installed 2 more water systems and repaired another in an area of Haiti that was hit hard with the Cholera outbreak. These new water purification systems will give 6000 people access to purified water. We also completed an eye clinic helping hundreds of local Haitians get eyeglasses!

These are some of the new friends that we made while installing the water system in the background!

Having some fun with our new friends!

Thanks to everyone that donated you have made these kids very happy!!!

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