About Us

At Go Green Charity Recyclers, our mission is to raise recycling awareness through hands-on programs and recycle clothing and shoes into

a valuable charitable asset that is used to promote education, help schools and support at-risk children and their families. Here at GGCR we:


Provide education about the importance of clothing recycling and how it helps to preserve our environment, while promoting clothing and shoe recycling, and facilitating free and fair trade of recyclables in a sustainable and competitive world economy.

Actively engage schools, civic organizations, companies, religious institutions and other not-for-profits in collaborative recycling partnerships that help sustain and preserve the environment, and at the same time contribute to a variety of critical social causes including the advancement of education, the alleviation of hunger, the provision of clean water and more


Our Vision is a world with zero waste. Go Green Charity Recyclers will work towards a day when people donate clothing and shoes regularly, and all unwanted textiles will either be re-used by other people around the world or recycled into new valuable materials. Proceeds will be used to make positive imprints both locally and internationally through collaborative partnerships with schools, civic organizations, places of worship, companies and other charities.


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